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Using the Power of Colour

Here at RGS Labels, we know about the power of colour; it’s our business to make sure the products we supply to our clients are

Should I print my own labels?

If you need to source labels for the first time, you’re probably having a dilemma deciding how to go about printing them. Perhaps you are

What does certified vegan mean?

The world is becoming increasingly more vegan – and with good reason. As concerns about the climate crisis become ever more alarming, there’s never been

How to Design a Product Label

Packaging design with labels is a key marketing tool for any product. Whether you’ve been crafting a recognisable brand for years, or you’re a brand-new

Are Labels Cost Effective in Branding?

Are you wondering whether it’s worth the expense of using some bespoke designed logo labels for branding? I mean, you could just purchase off-the-shelf labels