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QC & PAT Test Labels

RGS Labels manufacture and supply QC and PAT labels. A Portable Appliance Test (PAT) label is used for the process of which electrical appliances are

Wheelie Bin Tags from RGS Labels

RGS Labels are trusted by hundreds of councils, and with over 15 years’ experience supplying councils for our wheelie bin tags you can trust RGS

Price Weigh Labels

RGS Labels are a mainline supplier of Price Weigh labels which are one of the many labels we specialise in. We can manufacture your Price

Why RGS Labels for LPN Labels?

RGS Labels are an experienced manufacturer of Barcoded Licence Plate Number (LPN) Labels for warehousing, logistics and distribution applications. LPN Labels are used to uniquely

Merry Christmas from RGS Labels

Merry Christmas from us all at RGS Labels It’s that time of year again and we would like to wish all of our customers a