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Seven good reasons to choose digital labels

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Business today is focused around four primary considerations: time, quality, convenience and competitive costs. Those basic principles apply to every aspect of your business, including your labels.

In the old days, labels were created using expensive initial renditions that were then used as the basis for a large print run.

Fine if you used them all.

But if your phone number changed you’d be stuck with a big batch of labels that couldn’t be altered.Illustrated blue arrow, two-directional in-between legs demonstrating choice

Your labels would have to be reprinted, leading to wasted time and effort and, most importantly, wasted cash.

Digital printing has changed all that. While there’s still a massive need for traditionally printed labels, here are seven good reasons why we think you should go digital:

#1 – you can change your design at no extra cost

Digital label printing allows you to change your label designs constantly, and if you have the ability to amend the design in-house there’s no extra cost.

#2 – you can do short runs

Rather than having to order thousands of the same label, digital printing lets do you do very short runs. So if you want to include a special time-sensitive promotional feature in a label, you won’t be left with a pile of unused and unusable labels.

#3 – it’s faster

Because digital label design is done on computer and transferred directly to the printing machines, a label can be ordered, created, proof checked and then printed with a much shorter lead time, making it a more time-effective method of printing.

#4 – it-s greener

As there is less wastage, digital printing is better for the environment. Some labels cannot be recycled, so being able to select the exact quantity you need means that you’re not sending wasted labels off to a landfill site.

#5 – there’s more choice

Digital printing allows you to choose from a much broader palette of colours, making your labels more vibrant and allowing you to tie in your labelling with your company branding.

#6 – approving proofs is faster

Digital label printing is faster – ideal if you-re in a hurry. You can just send your design to your printer, and then proofs and amends can be emailed back and forth before the final order is printed.

#7 – your labels are top quality

Digital labels can often deliver cleaner, crisper images, pin-sharp detailing and the flexibility to incorporate intricate patterns if required. A better quality label makes a better first impression with your customers, giving your overall company image a real boost.


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