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What are: Low temperature labels?

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RGS Labels have developed labels to provide immediate permanent adhesion to all labware stored down to –196ºC, the labels we can supply provide a durable identification solution for long-term freezer storage. Our labels can be printed from a standard laser or thermal transfer printers.  Our label coatings ensure data remains crisp and legible which eliminates smudging.

Low temperature labels are able to withstand a complete range of environments i.e. chill or freezer conditions.  RGS Labels produce millions of such labels in our fully equipped label factory on a regular basis.  Low temperature labels are available on thermal transfer and thermal direct paper, for use with thermal transfer label printers or to be hand applied.  RGS Labels will advise on the best self adhesive label papers and label adhesives to cope with the demands you need the label to withstand.  For example different self adhesive label papers can withstand different levels of cold from freezer, chill and subsequently vary in price.  Whether you need plain white labels, plain coloured labels or part or fully-printed labels, our experience means that you get the best function at the best price for your self adhesive label requirements.