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Linerless Labels

Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are quickly gaining popularity for tray-packed products. They offer advantages such as reduced downtime on production lines, elimination of liner waste, and increased print surface, making them an excellent choice.

Linerless Labels

Linerless Labels vs. Self-Adhesive Labels

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To understand linerless labels, it’s helpful to first discuss self-adhesive labels.

Self-adhesive labels are widely used for various products, including fresh produce and bottled goods like beer, wine, and spirits. These labels, commonly seen on supermarket shelves, are versatile and available in different durability specifications and finishes.

Self-adhesive labels are produced with a backing paper or liner that protects the adhesive until the label is applied. After application, the liner is discarded, creating additional waste. 

In contrast, linerless labels are made without a backing paper or liner. Instead, the label’s face features a silicone strip, while the underside has adhesive in corresponding locations, allowing the labels to stick to themselves. These labels are applied to packaging similarly to self-adhesive labels.

Once a reel of linerless labels is used up, the only material left for recycling is the inner cardboard core. This results in several benefits, making linerless labels a more sustainable labeling solution.