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How Can You Turn Your Customers into Advertisers?

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Business owners are always wondering how to market their businesses in a unique way – as well as trying to find ways of making their companies stand out from the crowd. Most larger companies go straight to the expensive options such as paid advertising or press exposure, thinking that it will have the best outcome. And these methods are often really powerful.

But what if you’re a smaller company, that lacks the marketing budget for such exercises? In reality, these plans are usually out of reach for most smaller companies. Easier and more budget friendly projects can be really effective for these businesses. Many of our customers have found printing custom stickers and labels to be a really useful marketing tool.

Stickers and labels can be used to excite and motivate your customers. Let us talk you through how this works . . .

We’ve all seen those cool brands that give away free stickers with their products and services – they all do it for a reason. For the more youthful out there, customisation is a big deal. Be they kids, students or just your average millennial, stickers for decorating stationary, such as notebooks, pads, pens and even their laptops or backpacks can work an absolute treat. When those stickers contain your company logo and information, you’re spreading your brand wherever your customers travel.

What you’re doing is allowing your customers and clients to become advocates of your company or brand… providing you supply them with stickers so cool they cannot resist putting them in pride of place. Design stickers that are funky enough and you might even generate a buzz, get people talking and lead them all back to your company website. Consider creating a catchy hashtag for your stickers – all the kids love a hashtag.

Stickers are the future! Gone are the days of the wayward, easily lost business card – destined for the back of your customers fridge or the bottom of their handbag. Adhesives stand the test of time. Create a design your customers will love and they’re sure to stick them where lots of others will see them.

We know we always say that we have a label for everyone and everything, but it really is the truth! No matter what your business is, customized labels to raise awareness of your brand can really help you. Got a computer repair shop? Custom stickers would be great for you! Repair the laptop, put a sticker on it – and have every friend of that customer who ever has a problem with their laptop, know where to go. What about a charity or event? Give out stickers that people will want to show off. They’re just like walking, talking free billboards for your branding.

If you would like to find out more about our Custom Stickers or Custom Labels, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Alternatively, you can fill out the Contact Form on our website with your enquiry, and one of the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.