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After two months of strict restrictions, the lockdown measures are starting to be eased to rebuild our economy and enable contact with loved ones. Despite the new measures, the importance of social distancing remains paramount to defeating the virus, and guidance to remain two metres apart applies. The reason we must abide by social distancing guidelines is clear and we will discuss with you the importance of such a measure.

Supporting the NHS

We must do everything we can to support our NHS in these turbulent times. To reduce the risk to you and others they have outlined some clear guidelines to slow the spread of the virus. One of these crucial steps is to stay at least two metres (three steps) apart from anyone you do not live at home with. Such a requirement is vital to preventing an outbreak that could overwhelm our NHS. This devastating scenario happened in Italy causing the healthcare system to buckle under the sheer weight of coronavirus cases. Mitigating this scenario can only be done by listening to the experts and following the guidance of our Government.

Reducing the Value of ‘R’

In the Prime Ministers announcement, he stated that it is crucial to ensure that the ‘R’ value does not reach one. The ‘R’ value indicates the reproductive rate of the virus and the potential people one person could infect. For example, if the ‘R’ value reaches one then on average, they would pass the infection to one other person. Keeping the value below one means the virus is diminishing, thus freeing time and resources for the NHS to carry out their vital work. By adhering to social distancing guidelines our continuous endeavour to control the rate of infection is much greater, protecting you and saving lives.

Preventing Asymptomatic Cases Transmitting the Virus

One of the strongest arguments made is that some people feel they are such a low risk and healthy that they do not need to socially distance or stay at home. This is not true, and studies are uncovering the number of people who are infected is larger than first believed. This is because some people are asymptomatic, which means they have the virus but do not have any symptoms. This is very dangerous for the vulnerable as the risk of them still falling ill due to infection remains the same. Therefore, by not following these guidelines people’s lives are put in danger and consequently, this will increase the ‘R’ value. By being conscientious in public places and following social distancing guidelines you will be able to protect those susceptible to illness due to age, disability, or pre-existing medical issues.

Sourcing Labels

As the ease of lockdown gradually lifts by the day, so does the importance of social distancing. Ensuring your stores or public spaces mark areas of at least two metres apart is important and sanitising stations in close proximity will be a huge help. At RGS we have a range of COVID-19 labels at competitive prices for outlining social distancing spaces, one-way systems, and indicating hand sanitising stations. If you require assistance or are preparing for a store opening, then we can provide you with suitable labels and a quote to meet your needs. Please contact our friendly teams today for more information or support.