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Supporting Each Other in Times of Crisis

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In these uncertain times, we need to support those that are most affected by the impact of COVID-19. Not only are healthcare and emergency services suffering, but the implications of this virus have reached local communities, affecting small and large businesses across the world. How we respond to this will ultimately determine the extent of this outbreak’s impact not only upon lives but on the economy and communities we all share.

Currently, the economic fallout of this virus is predicted to cripple the most resilient markets across the world. The pandemic  is damaging employment with over 32% of businesses in the UK laying off staff. It seems that no matter what sector you operate in, from education to our beloved healthcare system, everyone is feeling the waves of coronavirus. However, there is still so much that we can all do to slow the rate of change and save our institutions, businesses, and communities.

At RGS Labels, we have investigated how best we can best help small businesses and the critical care workers that are selflessly putting their lives at risk. For example, some of our clients have products that must be correctly labelled with essential information for their customers. To offer business support our teams have produced labels that are of zero profit, ensuring that local businesses are still able to deliver products at a minimal cost.

The number of people that have volunteered to join the NHS has been mind-blowing. Currently, over 750,000 people have volunteered, exceeding their target of only 250,000. This is simply outstanding, yet it soon became apparent that identifying everyone was becoming an issue. Due to the number of nurses and doctors having to wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as visors, aprons, and gloves, staff could simply not be identified by a badge.

This challenge was rising quickly and to support our care workers at the NHS, our teams promptly supplied labels free of charge to be used for name tags and more. This assists the frontline staff with communication, allowing them to carry out vital work and save people’s lives.

Altruism has never been more needed in the world of business. Together we can make a difference and reduce the repercussions upon our country. During this time, we would like to stress the importance of coming together and doing our best to help those that truly need it. If you can help a local business or the NHS in any way then, please do so.

Finally, if you need assistance with your business and you feel that we could help, then please get in touch with us today. Stay safe and we wish you all the best from everyone here at RGS Labels.