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The Importance of Shelf Edge Labels for Customers

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Shelf Edge Labels

Communicating with your customers efficiently is crucial for retail environments in an increasingly challenging and competitive industry. Not only do they convey special offers and pricing to customers, but they also grab their attention at a vital point of purchase. Labelling is an important factor when it comes to branding and boosting sales so neglecting its power in retail can be damaging to businesses.

What are Shelf Edge Labels?

Labels are used in the retail industry to display products, pricing, and promotional information. Some labels are slotted into a ticket rail or brakers if they are much larger. These shelf edge labels are usually much thicker in material and may be made with a standard permanent, removable adhesive, dry peel adhesive, or without an adhesive.

How to Maximise your Shelf Edge Label Practices

When it comes to maximising your store’s profits, having adequate shelf edge labelling, and deciding what message you want to communicate is vital. The most successful retail companies have been able to formulate perfect practices in their stores to drive revenue by building communications outwardly to large POS, front of the store, digital and online channels. Considering the following shelf edge communication will help your store drive sales:

  1. Display clear pricing and promotions, including VAT and other currencies if applicable.
  2. Including product descriptions and customer feedback.
  3. Checking your online and store prices and promotional offers are not conflicting.
  4. Planning deadlines of your shelf edge labelling, including when new sales promotions come into effect.

Having these fundamentals built into your store’s communications plan will build confidence, promote value, and assist customers in finding products.  


Creating an innovative omnichannel experience is about connecting your store and online, yet people often forget the importance of shelf edge labelling. Considering this key moment in the buyer’s journey and recognising the value of shelf edge labelling will bring significant value to your business. Retailers should carefully review their communication practices between customers and products to maximise their stores’ potential.

RGS Labels

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