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Using Signs and Stickers to Stay Safe

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Social Distancing has been the main strategy for keeping employees and visitors safe throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with people being instructed to stay a minimum of two metres apart to help limit the spread of the virus.

Signs and stickers are a fantastic way of helping remind people to keep a safe distance from each other. They provide clear visual reminders, and more importantly, provide clarity on what is considered a safe distance, especially in enclosed areas such as factories and shops.

No matter your situation – whether in manufacturing, shops, or offices, it is vitally important for organisations to have strategies in place for how they implement sufficient social distancing, and that they have sourced materials to help achieve this.

From awareness signs to social distancing floor stickers and hazard tape or directional flow arrows – there are a range of solutions available.

Note: Always make sure you’re following specific government guidance related to your industry. Current UK government guidance is available at


Social Distancing Labels for Offices

Think about who your audience is and how big they are when developing your strategy. It’s likely that fewer signs and labels will be needed in an office where staff have the flexibility to work from home when compared to a public shop or manufacturing facility. Prioritise using stickers in areas where people are more likely to be, such as kitchens and reception areas, or hallways near exits. Entrances and toilets are also important areas to consider.

Social Distancing Labels for Shops

Use stickers, signs, and labels to help ensure awareness of your policies and practices. This will prevent confusion and help to keep your staff safer. Place your signs at key entrances and areas within your shop where people are most likely to interact with staff, such as at the checkouts. You could also place stickers on or near the checkouts to encourage your customers to use contactless payment instead.

So that customers feel safe shopping in your shop, you could use stickers to help guide them throughout the store and help to maintain their distance from other customers. This can be in a variety of formats, including using single-direction arrows and movement flows around your store. Signs can be used across aisles to keep people two metres apart too.

Social Distancing Labels for Factories

Factories can vary in design, so it’s important to look carefully at how people work, the routes they take, and how much interaction with other members of staff is necessary.

You could use stickers to mark designated areas. This for example can allow one person to bring a tool to an area before a second person goes and collects it – similarly to how delivery drivers have operated during the pandemic. This will minimise close contact but still ensure that parts and equipment can be moved across the factory.

Floor stickers can also be used to separate different areas and provide clear markings for workspaces to avoid close contact with others. You could implement single direction arrows and restrict access to certain routes to help reduce contact made.

As with offices, you should look to ensure that the areas where people are most likely to congregate have suitable markings and instructions such as reception areas and hallways.

At RGS Labels we can create a wide variety of stickers and labels in any shape and size to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and minimise any disruption caused by the virus. We are always happy to provide our knowledge to you so get in touch with us today and find out how we can help your business.