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What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Labels

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With the cosmetic market becoming increasingly competitive, prioritising your branding and label design is a top priority if you are seeking success. When customers are finding their products, the branding and label are the first things that they see, and assumptions about the product are being made promptly. Ensuring that you have ticked all the appropriate boxes in terms of branding and regulations is a very important process that should never be overlooked. Here are a few considerations that you need to make when designing your cosmetic labels.

Branding and Design

Labels need to be aesthetically pleasing if you want customers to try your brand’s products and gain their loyalty. From images to font your decisions will impact your brand identity and alter the consumers’ feel of the product. Whether you decide to have a glossy appearance or matt finish the consumers will determine how they associate your product with their beliefs. For example, some labels could be more associated with an environmentally conscious company due to the paper, colours, and natural feel of the product labels.

Your design must match the brand’s personality, reflecting the values that your company is advocating. Does your company pride itself on sincerity? Or do you want the customer to feel your company is competent, reliable, and insightful? Having the correct packaging that can communicate this through text, image, background, colours, patterns will be crucial if you want to see results in your sales.

Legal Requirements

The UK government has strict product labelling requirements to protect customers and provide them with the correct information they need to make a purchasing decision. When it comes to cosmetics these requirements change, becoming stricter, and they will alter for certain products you offer. Distributors of cosmetic goods in the EU market must be methodical in their tracking process, listing ingredients, batch numbers, names, and addresses of the responsible people.

Ensuring that products do not list items that are false, or misleading is imperative if you wish to trade in particular economic blocks. This is because it is your duty as a business and customers deserve to know what they are buying. Some additional information you may have to provide will be the volume, potential health effects warning images when applicable, including tamper-free features.

RGS Labelling Process

When it comes to finding an experienced partner that has extensive knowledge of labelling for all industries RGS can help. No matter what your challenges are, we can provide modern and professional label designs that are custom made to your requirements. Our full consultative services help you make the right decision for your individual needs. Our labels offer high quality, and adaptability, being suitable for wet environments such as bathrooms and any product design. Due to our state-of-the-art technology, RGS can print labels quickly, meeting a high turnover of cosmetic goods. To find out more, contact our friendly teams today.