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Why use Tintoretto Paper?

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Pinot Noir

Tintoretto Paper from Manter is the new high quality substrate available now for your labels. It is an excellent upgrade from standard paper or our popular antique paper. Here’s why we love it and our top recommendations for how to use it.

Tintoretto paper at a glance

Tintoretto paper is ideal for any kind of publishing, packaging or commercial printing. It is held in high regard in converting systems for packaging and shoppers, publishing, brochures, booklets and coordinated graphic materials.

It can be used without problems with the main printing systems: letterpress, offset, blind embossing, hot foil stamping, thermography and screen printing. It’s ideal for use with oxidative drying inks, due to the macro-porous surface of the paper. The characteristic felt-marking requires specific printing pressure settings.

What are the key features of Tintoretto Paper?

  • Matt Bright White

Even though it’s a matt paper, this high quality substrate has a bright white and natural look, which is the perfect background for minimalist designs.

  • Performs better in ice buckets

Tintoretto Paper is produced with a wet strength fibre composition. This means it’s able to perform better than standard paper in ice buckets and areas with high levels of condensation.

  • Strong Adhesive

The permanent acrylic adhesive applied to Tintoretto paper is able to stick well when first applied, and it strengthens over time. This adhesive also helps make sure that labels stay applied even when conditions are damp.

What is the best uses of Tintoretto Paper?

Wines and High-End Beverages

Tintoretto paper was made specifically with wine in mind. The luxurious textured paper combined with the wet strength properties ensures this label doesn’t alter, even when immersed in an ice bucket.

Artisan and Hand Made Products

The texture of this paper has felt-like qualities, which makes it perfect if you’re looking for a label that has a hand made, but professional look.

Creating a Rustic or Natural Look

Paper is great for products that require a rustic finish, but sometimes it isn’t strong enough for all applications. Tintoretto paper is stronger and thicker, so it could be the answer to your design problem. It’s also an excellent alternative to antique paper.

What alternatives are there to Tintoretto Paper?

If you’re not sure that Tintoretto Paper is what you’re looking for, check out our huge range of available materials to choose from. Or talk to us at RGS Labels to discuss your specific requirements and we can advise you as to the best material for you.