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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

RGS Labels are a one-stop solution provider for all types of thermal transfer printing ribbons, including wax thermal, wax resin thermal, and resin thermal transfer ribbons.

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Comprehensive Range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons

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We offer a wide range of ribbon grades and types to cover all applications and marking systems. For fast, next-day delivery, we hold all our thermal transfer ribbons in stock. If you are looking for more economically priced alternatives for thermal ribbons, we offer a range of compatible products. Our comprehensive selection ensures that you can find the perfect ribbon solution for your specific needs, whether it’s for industrial, commercial, or personal use. With our extensive inventory and efficient delivery service, you can rely on us to provide the thermal transfer ribbons you need exactly when you need them.

Wax thermal transfer ribbons

Wax resin thermal transfer ribbons

Resin thermal transfer ribbons

Digital Labels

The Advantages of Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing is a flexible, high quality and very cost-effective solution, particularly for short runs or custom requirements.

Cost-effective and fast

Digital label printing offers a cost-effective solution with quick turnaround times compared to traditional printing methods. By eliminating the need for setup costs and reducing production time, businesses can save money while efficiently meeting their labeling needs.

Ideal for bespoke, small print runs

With digital label printing, businesses can easily create custom labels tailored to their unique requirements, even for small quantities. This flexibility allows for personalized branding and product differentiation without the constraints of minimum order quantities typically associated with conventional printing methods.

Doesn't require specific plates

Unlike traditional printing processes that require the creation of custom plates for each design, digital label printing operates without the need for such plates. This eliminates setup costs and reduces lead times, making it an efficient and convenient option for businesses looking to streamline their labeling processes.

No time-consuming mixing of inks

Digital label printing simplifies the production process by eliminating the need for ink mixing and color matching, which are common tasks in traditional printing methods. This saves valuable time and resources while ensuring consistent and accurate color reproduction for every label print.

Printed straight from your company artwork

Digital label printing allows businesses to directly print labels from their digital artwork files, such as vector graphics or high-resolution images. This seamless integration between design and production ensures that labels accurately reflect the company’s branding and messaging, without the need for additional adjustments or conversions.

Print to roll or sheets

Whether businesses require labels in roll format for automatic application or in sheet format for manual application, digital label printing offers the flexibility to accommodate both preferences. This versatility allows businesses to choose the most convenient and efficient labeling format for their specific packaging requirements.