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label printing faqs faqWhat are the different types of labels you print?

RGS manufacture and print endless variants of material, adhesive and specialised labels with various types of properties. Labels that need to bond successfully to difficult surfaces where a specialised adhesive or substrate is required. If you operate in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and personal care sectors then your labels may be required to conform to HSE legislation. Specialist types of glue and paper can be used to prevent fraudulent copying, tampering or misuse of labels. In some retail sectors such as the cosmetics industry, where branding needs to remain intact, labels have to be robust enough to withstand prolonged use. In other sectors, they may need to be able to put up with extremes of temperature.

Another good example of Labels that we supply are for chemical containers which are particularly challenging, as they are often exposed to both the elements and chemical corrosion, but must maintain a high degree of integrity so that the contents can be clearly identified.

Finally, if your labels include barcodes then they need to be robust enough to prevent degradation, allowing the codes to be scanned, tracked and traced at all times, again this is another example of label we supply.

Do you supply samples?

RGS supply sample label packs of our work tailored to your industry, application or requirement. We also try where possible to offer free of charge trials if clients wish to test our labels prior to ordering.

Do you supply waterproof/weatherproof labels?

Yes our waterproof stickers and weatherproof stickers can be used, without fear that they might fall off, in any “wet” area. They are ideal for marine test equipment stickers, boat stickers, car stickers, bike stickers, Surfboard stickers etc. Our waterproof and weatherproof stickers are successfully used on underwater test equipment, as with all our Vinyl stickers they have a waterproof acrylic adhesive, they are also dishwasher safe.

Do you have a minimum order?

RGS can produce any volume of label from 1 label up to millions so we can work around our clients varying qty requirements. Our only stipulation is that we have a minimum invoice value of £100.00.

Do you make custom size and/or shape labels?

RGS supply both off the shelf standard sized labels which can be on rolls, sheeted or fanfolded. However a huge range of our labels are very much bespoke and the size and specification is therefore dictated by each individual clients needs.

When will my labels arrive?

Typically our off the shelf labels are on a next day delivery, our digital labels are 4/5 days and our thermal transfer labels and pre-printed labels are 7-10 working days.

Is delivery included in the price?

Yes delivery is always included unless specified by the client.

Is there an express delivery option?

RGS offer an express premium service on our digital labels, the cost for an express service is typically £50.00 for standard jobs.

Do you supply outside the UK?

RGS has most of its customer base within the UK however we do have customers outside this area and therefore are happy to both be able to deliver and supply customers that are overseas.