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Did You Know? Digital label printing at RGS

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Digital Self Adhesive Label printing from RGS Labels gives you what you want, how you want it, when you need it!

RGS Labels have recently enhanced our digital label printing capabilities and have purchased an additional machine to cope with demand and enhance our in-house label capabilities due to the wide range of labelling requirements our customer base has. Digital printing is a very interesting technology and RGS intend to keep their fingers on the pulse and look to evolve and grow as it becomes more and more advanced and sophisticated!

Conventional printing involves an upfront investment in printing plates, this is fine when you have a large run of labels to produce however where you are only producing short run labels over many variables this is when digital label printing comes into its own. Convential printing takes more time to setup than digital printing and again this is why it’s ideal for small to medium runs of four colour process work.

Digital label printing adds up to one thing, flexibility. Companies can make small changes to their label design without worrying about the initial investment. So for Breast Cancer Awareness month you can add a pink ribbon to their label. Customers can print small label runs without worrying that they’re not making the most of an initial investment.

Digital printing is an ideal choice for product launches. A beverage company looking to introduce five new flavours, maybe flavour 3 just isn’t selling but label 1 was selling much more than predicted. With digital label printing you are not sitting on large levels of stock of label 3 and after placing the initial smaller orders to test the water you can now be more confident to forecast actually what you need to order next time, hence again making this a hugely advantageous way of producing and printing your labels.

Products always have a life cycle and it is key to keep your pre-printed labels updated. Making changes to your label design regularly keeps your brand fresh and up to date. You can also take advantage of holidays, special events etc for further promotional reasons. Digital printing also allows you to easily incorporate something new into a tried and tested label design, such as adding social media icons to a label, a request we’re receiving more and more often. Digital printing gives you what you want, how you want it, when you need it!