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What are: Clear Labels

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Clear Self Adhesive Labels, Transparent Labels or Stickers are again manufactured and made at our premises in Godmanchester. We produce clear labels in hundreds of sizes and shapes using our huge range of label tooling on materials and adhesives that again will need to cope with many different label demands that are requested by each individual client. Clear self adhesive labels are commonly used to seal packaging such as wrapping paper. They can also be used as Tamper Seals so once packaging has been opened you can visibly see that the label has been tampered with and an item has been opened before preventing re-sale of the product. Clear Labels are also used to re-seal products (i.e. when an item such as a coffee pouch has been opened and you wish to then re-seal the packet to keep the coffee fresh).

We have all of the common label sizes available and due to our Factory Efficiency we can quickly turn around your labels for a fast dispatch. As these type of self adhesive labels are often used in a retail environment we know that short lead-times are paramount!