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5 Common Labelling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Label designing is not easy and bears its challenges. No matter if you are new to the industry or not, there are some major labelling mistakes that you need to be aware of. A label printer that is reliable and of the highest quality will help reduce the likelihood of making a mistake, yet even the most advanced printers cannot spot everything and recommend solutions. Today, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes made when designing your label and how best to avoid them.

1.      Labels with Spelling Mistakes

If there was ever a time to not make any grammatical or spelling mistakes it is this one. You need to make sure that your label has been read and proofread by someone else before committing to printing. Ensure that everything you put on the label is correct and accurately reflects your brand as making crucial mistakes such as spelling will damage your brand and decrease customers’ trust.

2.      Using the Wrong Packaging Material

The packaging that you use is imperative as it must be on brand and fit the style and theme of the product. For example, if your business product offers a sustainable & eco-friendly solution, then it is best to design packaging to strongly represent this. For many customers, the packaging is the first interaction they have with a business brand so designing an eye-catching and meaningful last impression will be the difference between a sale or not.

3.      Colours are Off

This can happen quite often to people that are designing their first packaging. There are many reasons why the colour of your label could be different than the colour of what you see on PC screens. No matter what the reason, getting the colour right is vital. To prevent this issue from occurring, the PC must be perfectly calibrated. Communicate clearly with your designer what gradients need to be monitored. Being clear on your requirements is often the number one remedy for perfect colour production.

4.      Images are Blurry

There are various reasons why images can be blurry, but most often it boils down to two issues: a printer or file error. Printing errors can occur due to a fault in how the PDF was saved and can be easily fixed. However, file errors are most often caused a result of using photographic images of insufficient resolution. A simple way to rectify this is to guarantee the file resolution is spot and to consult with a specialist in the designing of your label.

5.      Not Using Custom Designs for your Packaging

No matter what you are planning to sell, it is important to use custom design in your packaging. Customising your packaging is an essential part of the branding and must be unique to other competitors. Having the appropriate images, fonts, shapes, and colours will help you achieve a finished label that you can be proud of. At RGS, our team of specialists are vastly experienced in this field and will be able to provide professional advice and support for your custom design.

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