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5 Reasons Digital Labels Are The Right Choice for You

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Digital printing is fast becoming the most popular choice for printing product labels and stickers.  And there are lots of good reasons for this. These include reduced cost, high-quality, quick turn-around and small batch capabilities.

At RGS Labels, we have been using digital presses to produce stunning product labels for food packaging, lotion bottles, chemical warning labels and so much more. As you plan your new label designs, you should consider all of the advantages of digitally printed pressure-sensitive labels. 

So what is digital printing?

Digital label printing takes a digital file of your design and prints the image directly on to a selected label material on press. Unlike flexographic printing, all colours and images are produced in one step. These presses run slower than flexographic presses so they are ideal for smaller order quantities. Because of the superior printing technology, colourful product packaging labels are beautifully produced.

Here’s our top five reasons why we think digital label printing is the best choice for you.

Print Quality and Colour

Digital printing is ideal for labels that require at least 4 colours. If you want your label to help sell your product and speak for your brand, the print quality is of the upmost importance. Colour consistency, image registration and colour vibrancy are all taken care of with digital labels. Most of the labels we print are the primary product label. For example, beverage labels, food pouch labels, and private label brands are frequently running in our digital room. If your label will be used for branding then chances are it’ll be a good fit for digital.

Short run orders

Digital printing allows for a much lower minimum than flexographic printing. If you’ll need 500-25,000 colourful labels per product then digital labels are the right fit for you. With short runs you won’t need to hold on to inventory you don’t need.

Label Cost

Digitally printing labels can work out much cheaper for your business, because the overheads and equipment involved in printing them are much lower than traditional methods, we’re able to pass this saving on to you the customer. Further cost reductions are also available for bulk orders, so digital labels can be a really cost effective and necessary way to improve your brand.

Packaging Sustainability

There can be a lot of material waste associated with flexographic label printing because, during the set up process, the press operator has to dial in the colour and align the plates to make the label perfect. But with digital label printing the waste is minimal.  There is basically no set-up needed which keeps your cost down.  And you can order the exact number of labels that you need, in quantities as low as 500. Often times we have customers telling us that they had to order thousands of labels to be cost efficient, but ended up throwing away hundreds of old inventory that they never needed in the first place.


One of the best features of digital label printing is artwork flexibility. As your product line develops you might want to make updates to your label. Even the smallest change on flexo (change a letter, add a color) could cost you a lot in a new plate charge. Because plates aren’t required with digital, you can easily modify your design and send in revised artwork and get it printed with no additional plate charges. This is great for start up brands or series runs.

Digital printing isn’t right for every product. Most medical device labels, two colour labels or complicated coupon labels would not work well with digital printing.  But if you use low volumes of labels for food and drink packaging of any kind, most household products and personal care products – digital may be a way for you to save both time and money.

If you have questions about digital labels or want a quote for your product labels, please contact us.