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5 Reasons You Need Labels for a Stress-Free Christmas

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The holiday season is upon us, and we’re all starting to try and get organised. You might feel like you’re drowning in a sea of present ideas, budgeting, shopping, wrapping and card writing. The most wonderful time of the year? The reality is that for most people, especially parents, the run up to Christmas is incredibly stressful – even if we do enjoy the one day we’re preparing for!

You might not think that a little thing like labels could help drastically improve your stress levels at this time of year. But we’ve put together a little guide to show you how they can do exactly that. Here’s our top 5 ways that labels are really going to help you out this Christmas.

Saving you time

Time is precious and in short supply these days, with most of us trying to juggle kids and work. Remember all those hours you’ve spent in previous years carefully writing out name labels for cards and gifts? That can be a thing of the past with your own personally designed Christmas labels. It takes literally seconds to attach a self-adhesive, pre-printed label to your gift or card . . . and it looks great too! Don’t believe us? Why not run a little experiment. Get together with a friend for a wrapping session. Take 20 gifts each, one of you write out your gift tags in the traditional way and one of you use your pre-printed labels . . . see who finishes faster and how much time you save!

Getting the kids involved

It’s a nightmare, right? You want your kids to join in the magic this time of year, but there’s nothing worse than being on a wrapping or card writing mission and the kids want to ‘help’. Honestly, we all know they’re more of a hindrance! Labels are an easy way for them to get involved without messing up your system. I mean you can’t really go wrong with sticking on a label. It will look awesome even if it is stuck on by a 5-year-old. It gives them a job to do, which they love, whilst keeping them to one side of you and occupied, so they don’t end up covered in wrapping paper or Sellotape! You can multi-task by getting them to read each label after sticking them on and call that an educational activity!

Sorting the trash from the treasure

One of our favourite things about labels is that they are so versatile. Labels can be used for many, many things! Christmas has become a time of year when we all have a big sort out, either before or after Christmas. After all, we can’t just keep piling our houses full of stuff, without making some space for it to be there. You can use labels to help you get organised. Label items with what is to keep and what needs to go, making it easier and quicker for you to get your house in ship shape before or after Christmas . . . or maybe both! Efficient organising is the name of the game and labels can well and truly be your friend for this tedious task.

Separating gifts

Christmas morning can be bedlam when you don’t know which gifts belong to which person. One kid picks up a gift, shakes it, puts their ear to it and decides it’s theirs. You quickly search your brain to try and remember whose it is, but the hours of endless wrapping have merged into one solid memory, and you can’t find the answer you need. Before you know it, their sibling comes along and decides that gift is in fact theirs and suddenly they’re squabbling over it. Save yourself the drama by ordering some beautiful, personalised name labels so that everyone knows what’s what.

Decorating with ease

Every year we imagine decorating the house with the kids and it being a magical moment we’ll remember forever. The reality is, we’re usually pulling tangled up lights and ornaments out of the box we stuffed them in last year for hours, the kids get bored, and everyone ends up arguing. Make a change this year. Order yourself some simple labels and pack your decorations away in an orderly fashion this January.

Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to meet your label requirements this Christmas!