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Different Types of Labels and Why They Are Important

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Plain White Labels UK by RGS Labels

When it comes to labelling there is much evidence to suggest that strategic direction and design of your label will greatly impact the level of sales your business will achieve.  Making unique designs that focus on functionality and is appeasing to the eye will enable customers to consider purchasing your product amongst the vast array of competitors sitting on store shelves. Yet, before you can focus on the design of your label it is crucial to first decide the type of label you will need. Today we will be looking at some of the most common types of labels that you may choose from.

Dry Peel Labels

Dry peel labels can be easily peeled away from product packaging and uses an adhesive to temporarily hold the label in place. It is very versatile and will leave a clean, adhesive-free surface without causing any damage to the product or packaging. These are mostly used for coupons, return labels or price reductions.

Call to Action Labels

These are often very simple labels that can be placed on a product to capture a customer’s attention. They are on a variety of products from healthcare to food and beverage goods and will have an action phrase located on it. For example, call to action labels may say “Smell Me!” or “Look Closer” to evoke a meaningful interaction between the customer and the product.

Fold Out Labels

Fold-out labels are also known as a booklet or extended label and will often be used to put a lot of information on products with very limited spacing. They are similar to dry peel labels as they are frequently used for coupons and can be applied and removed easily. These labels use an accordion-type effect that unfolds to provide additional content for customers. There are many uses for this type of label such as displaying multilingual text information, government required regulatory and legal information, promotional content, and advice.

Packaging Stickers

These labels are ideal for shipping your products, packaging boxes, and envelopes to take your customer experience one step further. Packaging stickers can be extremely valuable in the design of the packaging as you can attach your logo to a product to reflect your brand.

Plain White Labels

Plain white labels offer a lot of customisation and versatility as the material can be tailored to your product/packaging needs. These labels can either be simple or detailed depending on your requirements and can be used on various surfaces such as boxed, packages, envelopes, packaging, etc.  

Reseal Labels

These labels can reseal the packaging of a container that a customer or employee has opened. Reseal labels have been around for a while and have become perfect for all types of goods such as snack foods, lunch and meat foods, etc.

Speciality Labels

Speciality labels can have a unique shape or outline and will have specific characteristics for different industries and environments. These labels will be used to tailor to a unique product or packaging shape while being able to reflect the brand and identity of the company in a seamless design. These labels can be found on chemical, domestic, and cosmetic products.


There are many different types of labels to choose from that will provide you with a canvas to start designing and marketing a product. Despite covering six of the most common label types people use for packaging we would like to stress that there is a wide spectrum of labels to choose from. Labels provide many businesses with the opportunity to customise and express creativity that will reflect your brand and generate sales.

If you are seeking label solutions that can accommodate your requirements, then RGS Labels can help. We provide a variety of label materials that are ideal for products of any shape and size. If you are unsure what the best material is for your labels and are seeking labelling advice, get in touch with our friendly teams today!