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Finding the Right Label Type for You and Your Business

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Set of business labels and and badges

There is a myriad of label types and making sense of them all can seem like a daunting prospect. But you need not worry as they’re actually quite straightforward, especially when you have help from your supplier. The first thing you need to consider is your order requirement and how the labels will be used.

Bespoke label printing gives you the ability to choose your preferences and requirements which can be applied by your supplier with scope for customisation, and even edits and changes in future print runs.

These can include everything from the label’s size and shape to the materials they’re made from and the tack level of the adhesive.

Most labels fall within a core category but are not confined to just one as there can be a great deal of overlap between label types. You may need a label that combines the features of several different types, and any professional label manufacturer will be able to accommodate this.

Here are some of the main categories of label and their features, benefits, and functionalities:

  • Permanent Labels

This applies to a broad and varied range of labels which are designed by definition to stay in place permanently. They are a popular choice for various types of products, with options available to suit all surface types as well as climatic conditions.

This is a very budget friendly option which works for most label applications. Permanent adhesive labels create a strong bond to the surface they are applied to and removing them can damage the label or the surface.

  • Removable Labels

Labels which have a removable adhesive can be removed for a period of time after application without the label or surface it is applied to being damaged. This type of label is ideal for temporarily marking products or items for limited time promotions etc. Changes in temperature can affect the adhesion and removal capabilities of labels with this type of adhesive.

  • Resealable Labels

This type of label can be pulled off a surface and re-applied for secure closure. They can be used on such products as cosmetic wipes and food products, helping to keep the products fresh, holding in moisture with an airtight seal.

Resealable labels need to be durable enough to stand up to heavy use whilst providing an effective seal numerous times.

  • Security Labels

Secure packaging needs a secure label! These are designed to incorporate safety and security features so that they can’t be peeled away cleanly, showing evidence of tampering if anybody tries. Holographic materials can be used to stop counterfeits and they can also be printed with QR codes and other similar security features.


At RGS Labels we offer a full consultancy service to help you make the best choices of material, finish, colour, and size for your packaging and printed labels. You can find our contact details here – we’re happy to offer help and advice about any aspect of our service and if you’d like a quote, we aim to have it to you within the hour.