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Over the past month, hand sanitisers sales have risen by 225% since the outbreak and soaps by 7% causing a drastic change in consumers’ shopping behaviour. In an effort to control the shortage of these products and ensure every customer has access to them supermarkets have rationed hand sanitisers. More and more people are asking for access to these items to protect themselves and others from infection.

With an increasing demand for hand sanitisers bottles, it is becoming apparent that many suppliers are struggling to satisfy the needs of consumers and ensure they remain in compliance with labelling standards. It is imperative that your label clearly indicates crucial information, such as health and safety, symbols, metric measures, ingredients and other relevant information outlined by the government. If you require assistance with your labelling needs, we are happy to help.

What We Can Offer

At RGS Labels we have 25 years’ experience in assisting businesses with their labelling needs across multiple industries. We can provide bespoke labels for your business to ensure that it is a perfect fit for your hand sanitiser bottle, delivering a professional finish that conveys crucial information clearly. Some of our labelling solutions include the following:

Customisation of Your Hand Sanitiser Labels

If you would like to customise your hand sanitiser bottles label, then we can easily accommodate this. No matter what size or orientation your label needs to be, we can supply labels to you in a range of ways that are clear and professional.

Quality Printing

Quality is paramount with us, and we can ensure your label will be to an exceptional standard for the application of hand sanitiser bottles. Our product labels are liquid proof to protect against any spillages of the gel and the erosion of information on the label. The colour of symbols and text on your label will be of high quality, ensuring it is distinctly visible for your readers, reflecting the high standards and quality of your brand. 

Contact Us

We have the facilities to help you get immediate access to quality labels at competitive prices. No matter if you require a temporary solution due to increased demand or assistance with large orders, we can help. Contact us today to find out how RGS can help you.