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Protect and Prevent with Tamper Seal Labels

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Have you considered the cost to your business without tamper seal labels?

Tamper seal labels are an absolute must for companies wanting to protect their reputation and preserve their revenue. Without good quality tamper seal labels, the cost to your business can be significant and not just in financial terms.

At RGS Labels, we understand the importance of safety and security when considering the labelling and packaging of your goods and products. Tamper seal labels can maintain the quality and integrity of your products during transit, while in storage and at their point of sale. The result can be considerable savings in preventable losses of reputation, revenue, product and time. This can also offer your clients the guarantee of safe and timely delivery of their orders while meeting and exceeding their expectations.

We understand your reputation depends on our ability to deliver the very best.

With years of knowledge and experience, we are proud to have built a reputation for delivering high-quality tamper-proof labelling for the food, beauty and drug industry including a broad range of similar applications across media, technology and transportation industries.

We understand that working in the food, healthcare, beauty or pharmaceuticals industry, safety needs to be of the highest priority. Our customer’s requirements are first and foremost when we design, develop and deliver our products.

We are proud to work with customers who understand that tamper seal labels are an investment in their business: Protecting and preserving their reputation as providers of high-quality, safely packaged goods.

The Benefits of Tamper Seal Labels

  • Products are securely packaged, preventing them from accidentally opening or being damaged in transit; Saving time and money on unnecessary wastage or replacing damaged goods.
  • Tamper seals inhibit opportunists from theft, ensuring your costs do not increase through financial losses.
  • Pharmaceuticals must deliver an extremely high level of safety and security, ensuring products have not been contaminated or can be easily accessed by children.
  • Food products cannot easily be opened, therefore significantly reducing the risk of contamination or expiration.
  • Promotes customer trust when you offer products that are securely packaged, giving you a competitive advantage.

All Labels are Not Made Equal

As a leader in our industry, we have the expertise to design, produce and deliver your labels with a seamless and secure service. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers, whereby we develop a full understanding of their needs building transparency and trust.

With over 30 years in the labelling industry, our knowledge and expertise are second to none. We aim to deliver an exceptional service providing high-quality products every time.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee should our products not meet the standards of safety and quality you expect.

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