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The awareness of our impact on the environment and the part businesses play in creating a sustainable planet is rising more than ever. Today almost every business understands they have a social and ethical responsibility to create a sustainable business that considers the environment. At RGS we have listened to our customers and have investigated how we can meet their needs in an environmentally friendly way.

The RGS team has worked tirelessly to ensure we are fully aware of any developments of recyclable and sustainable labels, adhesives, and liners so we can make these all-important changes. Having an array of environmentally friendly products is a continuing task and here is what we have achieved thus far.

Beyond Recyclable Labels

Having the correct labels that are made from 100% recyclable materials is a global mission for many companies. However, despite labels being only a small feature on the packaging of products the likelihood of these products being recycled is small. The recycling policies for many countries vary and, in the UK, it is still not entirely clear causing many people to discard their product incorrectly.

In addition, recyclable labels are still very expensive to produce, and as they are attached to packaging that is not recyclable the likelihood of it reaching landfills is high.

Unfortunately, this is why most companies choose not to prioritise recyclable labels when it comes to their company strategy. Yet, there is hope.

Positive change is on the rise as legislation is changing rapidly and both the EU and the UK are working towards a compulsory recycling policy for the year 2021. Once this is in place the accessibility of recyclable labels drastically increases and products will be far easier for customers to recycle.

Sustainable Label Design

Not only is the source of the material an important factor when we consider sustainability, but it is also possible to redesign labels to use less material, resources and reduce overall waste.

Our teams carefully review each label order received and utilise the best materials to minimise wastage. With our consultations, we can suggest label designs that can achieve a significant reduction in material usage. Many of our customers have benefited from our consultation and planning when discussing label requirements.

Steps Forward

RGS is continuing to reduce our impact that both our business and customers are having on the environment. We are constantly reviewing new and exciting ideas as they become more widely available. Here are just some of the measures we have taken:

  • Lightweight label backing paper that reduces the energy needed for transportation of materials and finished goods
  • More practical recycling materials for packaging and label designs.
  • Matching label material to packaging materials so that the product is more easily recyclable.

At RGS we are determined to keep on top of the market developments and work with our partners and customers to support environmental and sustainable goals. Contact our friendly teams today if you are seeking an environmentally friendly solution for your products.