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Using the Power of Colour

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Here at RGS Labels, we know about the power of colour; it’s our business to make sure the products we supply to our clients are true to their branding. Colour and its corelation to branding is no coincidence; colours can increase brand awareness by up to 80% and can influence 85% of shoppers’ buying decisions. It’s also no wonder that the marketing of products relies so heavily on colour – a large proportion of product assessment is based on colour alone.

Consumers are influenced by colour at a distinctly basic level, so it’s crucial that your branding is right. We have identified how to use the power of colour and how by breaking down the meanings of colours, you choose the correct ones to match your products or business brand.

When a new business is looking to create a brand logo, it will more than likely comprise several components such as symbols, letters and or words, numbers and most importantly colours. Colour serves as a double sided tool; on a practical level it can make your brand stand out above the others and emotionally it can influence how a consumer will feel about your brand when they look at it.

Knowing about colour will help you make informed decisions about your brand. Choosing the wrong colour palette could send mixed messages about what you’re trying to convey about your business and its products.

Knowing that consumers can be led by their emotions when making purchasing decisions, it’s important to know about colour categories as well as specific colours themselves. Warm, cool, and neutral colours convey different feelings:


This group of colours include reds, oranges, yellows, and their variants. We think of warmth with these because of their brightness and likeness to the sun. They evoke feelings of enthusiasm, happiness, passion, and optimism.

  • Red – known for arousing intense emotions from danger through to passion. When used for branding it’s certainly vivid and punchy with the ability to increase desire.
  • Yellow – another vivid colour this time signalling joy and happiness. Used frequently in branding because it’s so visible from a distance. However, yellow is also used as a colour of caution.
  • Orange – A mix of red and yellow, orange is associated with vitality, energy, and health.


This group of colours include blues and greens and their variants. They are considered cool because of their link with nature and are known to be calming and relaxing.

  • Blue – often associated with royalty, it conveys reliability, trust and authority.
  • Green – a colour with many different associations from nature and the environment to wealth and health. Its sustainable and organic connotations make it a favourite with new brands wishing to grow their businesses.


This group of colours include browns, blacks, and whites plus their variants. These are also linked to nature, but more as earth tones.

  • Brown – Its earthy tones mean that the brown colour palette is used in many nature inspired brands as it represents a simple and strong wholesomeness.
  • Black – seen as a ‘serious’ colour and often sombre too. But it can also represent luxury and simple sophistication. The perfect contrast to bright colours.
  • White – the colour of purity. Whites represent simplicity and innocence, and in design convey a clean and modern quality.

Mixing colours in logos will signal variety to consumers as long as they are representative of your brand. Give thought to how your choice of colours work alongside each other. But if you’re not sure then the team at RGS Labels provide a free consultancy service to help you. We offer Xeikon Colour Control, meaning that we can match label colours to your company’s branding and product colours and then repeat quickly and easily on subsequent label printing and packaging runs. Contact us here for a no obligation quote.