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Why Self-Adhesive Labels are a Necessity in the Food and Drink Industry

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Labels are essential in the food and drink sector because they provide consumers with the product information that the manufacturer is legally obligated to supply. But self-adhesive labels for packaged food and drink products are also a really useful marketing tool that you want to use to their full potential as a food and drink company.

Quality, well designed labels can make an item stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of customers. A strong brand can give a consumer important information about your company or your products with just one glance.  So many of us make our purchase choices on the spot based on what the product looks like. You need to make sure your brand is stamped all over your labels and is making you sales.

At RGS Labels, we pride ourselves on being the experts in our field. We can not only advise you on the best materials to use for your specific purposes but also assist you in building a strong brand through your label design.

We’ve put together a brief guide to choosing the best food and drink labels for you.

What are the best labels for wines and spirits?

Wine, spirit and beer labels should instantly convey the value of the product to the client. They need to speak to both supermarket shoppers and owners of restaurants, bars and wineries.

For a high-end product, the self-adhesive paper should look more refined. Special Finish Labels with gold or silver-coloured laminated effect and embossed printing work really well. They give an elegant look to fine wines or spirits and ensure that they capture the attention of a demanding public.

There are also some really important practical things to consider with alcoholic drink labels. Is the material suited to damp glass surfaces? Is it resistant to low temperatures and to submersion in water and ice? You want to avoid the label coming off the bottle before or during use. In order to achieve this, you need a high-performance self-adhesive paper.

For craft beverages, the packaging must effectively convey the handcrafted nature of the product and the natural ingredients. Hay Paper is particularly suited to this aim, thanks to the imperfections in the stock which give it a natural and eco-friendly appearance.

What are the best labels for food products?

Just like drink labels, food packaging labels have the job of guiding purchasers to choose one product over another. They also must have certain technical features to ensure they are long lasting.

For bottled and canned goods, we recommend you use stain-resistant and greaseproof paper that will not be damaged by vegetable oils and fats.

Colour is hugely important in branded packaging and it’s worth doing some research into the psychology of colour choices to figure out the right colours for your brand.

If you want to bring out the colour and purity of a product, you can create ‘nude effect’ packaging which you can combine with a colourful graphic layout for a vibrant result or a neutral colour palette for a more toned-down look.

The options you choose will depend on the type of buyer you want to attract. If your ideal client is young, you could be more daring and use humorous artwork, while for older groups of consumers you should use more traditional visuals.

What do I need to consider when designing my product labels?

Overall, you will do well with your product labels if you follow this simple plan.

  • Give yourself and your label company enough time for research and planning.
  • Identify a shape and size for your labels that work with your containers.
  • Draw inspiration from your competitors, but don’t copy.
  • Work with a professional label designer.
  • Give your label design company as much information about your company and products as possible.
  • Discuss customization options with your label design company – how can we make your labels unique?

Talk to us at RGS Labels today and let’s start designing your own original and appealing content for your food and drink labels.