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5 Ways To Evaluate Your Labels Supplier

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5 ways to evaluate your labels supplier

Sourcing your labels might seem like a simple, straightforward task. For simple white adhesive labels, that’s probably true. Something best left to the Office Manager or whoever looks after your stationery supplies.

If it’s anything more complex than plain labels, think again.

It’s a labels minefield out there, with a vast number of suppliers offering a massive variety of adhesive label types with a virtually infinite range of options and choices for everything from adhesive to material type and durability of finish.

And then there’s price. How do you trade off cost against quality and service? Does it even matter, and is cheapest always the most important factor?

Of course price is always an issue, but looking beyond price alone can often yield dividends. So for all you label buyers out there, consider these points next time you’re looking for a label supplier.

1. Request a sample pack

If you haven’t used a particular label suppler before, it’s worth asking for a sample of what they produce. How well presented is it, and how much effort have they made to impress you? If you’re looking for a quality label printing job, always check out your supplier’s capability first.

2. Ask for the extra mile

Some label suppliers are only interested in quoting against a catalogue code or category number. Things can get a little tricky sometimes when the requirement gets a little more complex. It’s worth looking out for evidence of a genuine willingness to help.

3. Get some references or testimonials

Not all companies can find clients who are willing to go on record and say how much they like their suppliers. If you’re a genuine buyer, your intended label provider should always be happy to let you have a couple of client contacts for you to speak to first before you take the plunge.

4. Ask to see their facilities

Some label suppliers don’t actually have premises or presses, and instead just act as agents. But if your printed labels are going to support your marketing and brand, you need to know you’re sourcing from a real, genuine supplier that is as interested in quality as you are. So either request a tour of their factory or see if there’s a video of their facilities on their website.

5. Take the “comfort” test

Wristband thermal transfer label
Wristband thermal transfer label

Professional label specialists will never make you feel uncomfortable. They will always answer your questions – or they’ll find out the answer and come back to you. Not sure what label material properties you need for the medical specimens going into deep freeze at minus 180 degrees Celsius? Don’t always feel you have to know exactly what you want. Ask for advice to get a feel for your label supplier’s abilities, knowledge and experience. If you hear alarm bells, they’re probably ringing true.

Not sure about these or any other aspects of your label requirements – plain, printed, digital or sheet labels?

Just pick up the phone and give RGS Labels a call on 01480 456556. We’ll always do our best to help!