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QC & PAT Test Labels

RGS Labels manufacture and supply QC and PAT labels. A Portable Appliance Test (PAT) label is used for the process of which electrical appliances are

Price Weigh Labels

RGS Labels are a mainline supplier of Price Weigh labels which are one of the many labels we specialise in. We can manufacture your Price

Merry Christmas from RGS Labels

Merry Christmas from us all at RGS Labels It’s that time of year again and we would like to wish all of our customers a

6 ways labels can make your brand more visible

6 Ways Labels Make Your Brand Visible

There are two words in marketing that are sacred: “Brand” and “Visibility”. It’s not just about how aware your customers are of your brand. Brand

Illustrated blue arrow, two-directional in-between legs demonstrating choice

Seven good reasons to choose digital labels

Business today is focused around four primary considerations: time, quality, convenience and competitive costs. Those basic principles apply to every aspect of your business, including

5 ways to evaluate your labels supplier

5 Ways To Evaluate Your Labels Supplier

Sourcing your labels might seem like a simple, straightforward task. For simple white adhesive labels, that’s probably true. Something best left to the Office Manager or