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6 Ways Labels Make Your Brand Visible

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6 ways labels can make your brand more visible

There are two words in marketing that are sacred: “Brand” and “Visibility”. It’s not just about how aware your customers are of your brand. Brand value comes from awareness among suppliers, partners and employees too.  

6 ways labels can make your brand more visibleBrand visibility can make or break a company, especially if your product has to hold its own alongside a host of others on a supermarket shelf, for example.

An eye-catching label will play a key role in your brand visibility, and in a retail environment the importance of an attractive label to help your product stand out from the crowd is obvious.

But in this article we look at six ways you can use labels to enhance and re-enforce your brand image to make extra sure you get noticed:

  1. Delivery – Packaging exteriors can be their own advertising campaign. So having “Another great product from XXX” emblazoned across your cartons, boxes and envelopes makes a powerful first impression. Not only do your customers see them, but so do the carriers – and when they’re not delivering your packages to your clients, they could be potential customers too.
  2. Branding your workplace – A strong brand identity makes your employees feel that they are part of a team, as well as presenting a united brand identity in the work place to visitors. You can use branded labels on many items in your office, factory or warehouse environment including IT hardware such as computers and monitors, on your health and safety signage, machinery, warehouse racking and even on internal doors.
  3. User instructions and guides This may seem like a strange contender for a spot in this list, but applying branded labels to any user instructions and guides is a great way to make your brand more visible. It’s not just about the standard set of instructions that go with your products. Also look for any opportunities to apply branded labels to interpretive material that helps visitors, employees, partners and customers to interact with your products or premises.
  4. Cars and delivery vehicles  If you don’t want to go all the way and have your vehicles fully liveried then the use of labels in key areas such as on the back doors and in windows can work just as effectively. If you can, make sure they’re at eye level.
  5. Front of house How good is your front of house signage? Does your brand identity greet visitors to your factory or office? You don’t have to cover your reception with labels, but subtle inclusions such as branded adhesive visitor badges, labels on the magazines in the waiting area and on your guest sign in book all subliminally reinforce your message.
  6. Shop windows Dressing a shop window is an art form, but if it doesn’t tie in with your brand then it can send the wrong message to your customers. Grab their attention by incorporating strong brand visibility with brand labels inside your shop window or door, even if they’re changed regularly. 

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