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You’re Losing Money By Not Using Labels

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You're losing money by not using labels

Opportunities to enhance the visibility of your brand using printed labels with your logo and product message are just about everywhere.

Look at the products going out of your factory premises each day. Or the doors in your office units, or the walls in your production facilities.

Even if it’s for information inside your own premises, it’s worth displaying your logo and company name wherever the opportunities present. Using printed adhesive labels in these cases can be a highly cost effective way of gaining more brand recognition for comparatively little effort.

Put another way, not using these labelling opportunities could be costing you sales.

Why is brand visibility important?

In this marketing driven world of ours, brand recognition is more important than ever. The reason is simple. Your competitors are out to get you.

Now. Today. Tomorrow. Next week and next month. In fact they’re doing everything to make sure that their customers and your customers see their label on everything, everywhere, all the time.

It’s vital that your company name and logo are seen more often and in more places than theirs.

What should you do?

Label stuff. That’s it, pure and simple.

Every product pack, every box, every address label, every envelope – in fact every item – that goes out without a clear label showing your logo, company name, product name or message is a wasted opportunity for you to get seen by your clients, your competitors’ clients and everyone else that might one day become a client.

The old saying is true. What gets seen gets bought.

Practical steps

1. Take a look at the items mentioned above and make a list of your potential label candidates such as the plain address labels, cardboard boxes and dispatch notes going out to clients each day.

2. Next, try and work out how many of each item you use each day or each month, whichever is the most appropriate for your business.

3. Work out how many days, weeks or months you’ve not been labelling this stuff for.

4. Multiply the two numbers together. That’s your number of lost branding opportunities.

What’s a branding opportunity worth?

What’s a free advert worth? See what I mean? Start labelling everything that goes out of your factory or office door today (within reason!) and you’ll begin to increase your brand’s visibility.

For more about how RGS Labels can help with all your label requirements, just give us a call. We’re always happy to advise!